Injectable treatments can help you to reduce facial wrinkles and folds, enhance body sculpting, and restore your skin to a smoother appearance. We offer different types of injectables that improve various areas of concern.


$750/60mins ($1500/3times)

– improve skin texture
– refine wrinkles
– rejuvenate skin

Intravenous Therapy

$188/30mins ($1500/10 times)

– correction of deficiencies
– improve immune function
– reduce oxidative damage


$150/5 mins ($1200/10 times)

– weight loss & energy improvement 5mins

Myer's Cocktail Therapy

$199/30 mins ($1600/10 times)

– boost immune system
– cardiovascular system and adrenal glands



– reduce facial expression lines and wrinkles
– mostly used in the area between the eyes, forehead, cow’s feet.etc

Dermal Filler

$850/Syringe ($1500/3 syringe)

– Treat facial atrophy (loss of fat), facial sculpting and skin enhancement
– restore a smoother appearance to the face