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Find an injector that is confident to say no to unnecessary injections and return your natural beauty.

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Medi-Facials and Hydra-Facial. Not all facials are the same and our advanced facials combine relaxation and indulgence with clinical results. From one-off treatments to monthly routines keeping your skin looking best.

Laser Treatment

Laser Treatments

Revitalize your skin with precision and experience the transformative power of our advanced laser treatments

IV Therapy

Replenish, Recharge, & Rehydrate. Unleash Your Inner Vitality

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Injectable and laser services at Labelle are unparalleled. The tailored treatments have remarkably rejuvenated my skin, restoring its natural beauty and boosting my confidence significantly. The staff's expertise and personalized care truly make a difference. I highly recommend Labelle for anyone seeking to enhance their beauty in the most professional and caring environment!
Monica Luckow
Been with us for 6 months
Did lots of researches and I decided this would be my best option in Toronto. Labelle is amazing! 2 days post facial my skin is healing (I had acne scarring) and I’m ready for another facial spa!
Yalda Miller
Been with us for 1 month
Labelle's IV therapy, specifically the NAD+ and Weight Loss treatments, have been game changers for me. In just a few sessions, I've noticed significant improvements in my energy levels and a noticeable reduction in weight. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, making each visit a pleasant experience. I highly recommend these treatments to anyone looking to improve their wellbeing and kickstart a healthier lifestyle.
Maju Li
Been with us for 4 months

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In-depth skin analysis + Understand the root cause of your skin problems


Personalized Treatment Process

Customizable treatments specifically targeted your individual needs and concerns


100% Botanical Ingredients Used

Treatments are safe and effective + suitable for individual with sensitive skin

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