Facial Treatments

Put your best face forward with our facials. Select from our choice of premium, personalized facial treatments that are designed to balance, renew and enhance your natural glow.

Skin Medica TNS - 60 mins

Hydrating, anti- aging

This facial is featured with all SkinMedica products aiming to deeply hydrate your skin and reinforces the skin’s natural defense system. Benefit from deep hydration and instant plumping, the skin is left feeling a sense of calm with diminished fine lines and a voluminous appearance. This facial also contains a scalp, neck and shoulder massage will take your rejuvenation to the muscular level, leaving you relaxed and restored. 

  • $199/ 1 facial
  • $850/ 5 facials
  • $1500/ 10 facials

Alumiers - 60 mins

Hydrating, calming, recovery

This facial is featured with all Alumiers products, a brand that’s know for its medical-grade ingredients and skin recovery techniques. The products and masks used in the facial contain Vitamin. C and E, peptides and hyaluronic acid to treat discoloration and spots, give your skin the ultimate antioxidant boost to protect against environmental factors that can age skin. Skin will appear smooth with a beautiful natural glow after the treatment.

  • $199/ 1 facial
  • $850/ 5 facials
  • $1500/ 10 facials

Skinceuticals - 60 mins

Calming, discoloration, acne-prone

An effervescent exfoliation thoroughly polishes your skin and significantly accelerates the absorption of nutrients to achieve a smooth and healthy appearance. A cocktail of active serums, as well as masks, are combined and layered to treat skin at the deepest level to change and strengthen the skin cells vitally. Perfect for clients with acne-prone skins or sensitive skins.

  • $199/ 1 facial
  • $850/ 5 facials
  • $1500/ 10 facials

Pola BA Facial - 90 mins

Anti-aging, tightening, brightening

Experience a revitalizing and tightening effect on the skin with featured POLA face massage technique to lift and sculpt the facial muscles while re-energizing with unique POLA BA masks. Exfoliate, infuse, massage and rejuvenate, clients see immediate improvement in skin’s texture, tone, diminished fine lines and wrinkles due to boosted collagen production with this technique advanced facial.

  • $400/ 1 facial
  • $1600/5 facials
  • $3000/10 facials

Pola Apex - 90 mins

Personalized treatment

“APEX” offers personalized skin care with 4 lines focusing on different skin concerns. It’s based on studies on 18 million instances of women’s skin. The esthetic treatment features an original massage technique and products.

  1. POLA APEX YELLOW: hydrate, allergy treatment
  2. POLA APEX GREEN: acne treatment, anti-inflammatory
  3. POLA APEX PINK: tightening, anti-aging POLA APEX
  4. BLUE/WHITE: brightening, whitening
  • $300/ 1 facial
  • $1250/ 5 facials
  • $2300/ 10 facials